Open Source


Code repositories can be found in GitHub’s APISuite organization:

For raising issues or comments, please check out the templates for the GitHub repos here:


Most components are containerized and distributed as Docker images, published in our Docker Hub:

Image versioning

All projects distributed as Docker images follow standard versioning and tagging rules.

  • All builds result in at least one image tagged with the short hash of the commit that triggered it. Example:


  • All builds result in a [env-]latest tag, with [env-] depending on the existence of multiple main branches in the project. This tag should point to the same image digest as the most recent hashtag. Example:

    • apisuite-be has 3 main branches (develop, staging, and production) which result in the respective tags: dev-latest, stg-latest, and latest.

    • apisuite-activity-log-extension works with a single main branch, therefore only resulting in the latest tag.



Some components are distributed via npm because they are supposed to be installed as dependencies directly in other projects. This is mostly the case with some front-end components such as


All of APISuite’s open-source repositories are licensed with Mozilla’s MPL-2.0 license.